HereLink internal IP:PORT for video stream and telemetry access

Hello to all!

If I would like to access video stream and telemetry in HereLink Ground unit from my own Android app, which IP:port I should access?

Is there anything I have to initialize when no original app (QGC or Solex) will be running?

How I can switch HDMI ports programmatically?

I’ll be happy for any tips, or even link to QGC code at github where code solves this.

Why I’m asking? I have customers using HereLink at wildlife buggys (not drones), they are using HereLink without Cube on board, just Entire as camera control unit and SBUS for control of buggy. Problem is, that QGC has a lot of unusable information on screen (mission planning, drone heading and attitude bar and etc.) for their usage scenario… So, will be better to write simple app showing just video stream.

Got it somehow working by connection to “rtsp://localhost:8554/fpv_stream”, however it’s not the primary video source, so it has additional latency and needs QGC to be running in the background. Question above is still valid :slight_smile:
@Alvin @Michael_Oborne Thank you guys!

please check here