Herelink Issue. Need help Even paid help but i need it


I have a Herelink sistem bought from UNMANNED TECHNOLOGY in 2020. From 202o i am trying to make it work but no change. The sistem is updated but the video link is not working. We try with different cameras but no luck.

The other day i saw the Uplink rate is from 1 to 4 kb max.
IS here anyone that can help me ( i pay for this) to know what is the problem or can help me to solve it.

I can give acces to my computer, i can do video(not chat :slight_smile: )


Hi , can you share the set up, if you donot mind?

Hi Mike

the setup is for desk now so only the remote( herelink) + air unit with a old HDMI converter ( we try with diferent cameras from gopro4, sony old one, gh5…)

Please let me know what kinde of information/pictures you need. Like i write in the post i will pay for all the time you can use/lose with me.

Hi Petre,
May I confirm few things first?
Did your controller and airunit firmware both been upgrade to latest version?
Did you power airunit with 7-12V power supply?
What LED indication shows on your airunit?
Which method you connect your camera?(I tried sony 5100camera,hawk eye,gpro5 and 9 with micro hdmi cable,they all works fine)
Did your camera screen turn dark after connect to airunit?
Did you try both port?(hdmi 1 and hdmi 2)
Did you try with another hdmi cable?
Can you take a picture of your setup ?(with airunit , controller and camera together,same as you tried before)


  1. Both controller are on latest firmware.
  2. yes power the air unit with 3 s(12v)
  3. led number 2 on air unit
  4. micro hdmi different cables that we tested first( to not have bad cables) we use also normal cables not thin because the thin cables are different.
  5. NONE of the camera turn dark.
  6. Both hdmi.![IMG_4762|375x500](upload://A5GkLTz9JR4LAqIb2YpnM9EsGhD.jpeg) ![IMG_4763|375x500](upload://4juR8u3HP7hiUbdXVoeqEY7ceY0.jpeg) ![IMG_4765|375x500](upload://9yGwQTL1TBUYPHSBS5fQBArsuMj.jpeg) ![IMG_4766|666x500](upload://n1qDmxcWhbz7Y7ntzEeTgv31r0Q.jpeg)


I notice that ther is no light on led 1 ,which means “Receiving no valid video signal or flight controller signal”.
Can you check the hdmi output signal from your device and make sure they are 720p 30fps or 1080p 30fps or 1080p 60fps ?

YES , no led 1 on because is on desk . when i am give him signal Uart the let 1 will be on but no video.
I can confirm that i tried with a signal converter and we tri to give him(airunit) all the kinds of signal like you sugested.

Did you try with labtop before,can you try that?

i don t know what you mean by, to try with a laptop?

Can you connect airunit to laptop see if it can get video stream from that?
Also,please take a picture with your herelink GCS(QGC>Video stream) ?

I don t know how to see on laptop the video stream from airunit. is there any aplication to do that?


Sorry, what I mean was connect laptop to airunit with HDMI to micro hdmi cable directly(see on herelink if you have a video stream which from airunit), and use QGC in herelink

we try also with laptop hdmi, with hdmi from a cctv dvr…

Can you show me this part?(QGC>Video stream)

Hi Mike. I have e friend that help me and we try with another Airunit and everything was fine , so the Airunit that we buy with the Herelink was defective from start… I feel very odd…because i lose almost more than 1 year with a defectiv unit from start, we lose the contract with the drone buyer because in the offer this remote was offerd…

let me know how i ca pay you back for your time lose and Thanks.

Sorry for not being able to help you.
You donot need to pay anyting, please send this unit to your dealer for RMA.

i will pay for your time, this 2 are different things , 1 is a product 1 is a person time, if you don t accept payment please tell me where to donate something. About the dealer you men the company from where i buy the Herelink, also i don t know will acept because is to long ago( this was my 1 mistake)


Hi Mike, con you point me where to open a RMA . I bought from but i don t know if he is the dealer.


Thank you Petre, We will try our best to understand and solve the problemin in this community.
Welcome to Post again if you have any questions.