Herelink launcher backgrounds - how to add custom background?

I would like to add an custom background to the herelink launcher but did not find a way to do so. The directory with the images is not writable from windows via usb connection.

Hi. I was able to add a custom background image. It won’t let you save it directly to the herelink from any image editing software, but you can save it in any folder of your computer and copy it to the herelink background folder. I tested it succesfully with jpg and png files, the size of my backgrounds was 3840 x 2160 pixels.

  1. Power on herelink air unit.
  2. Connect herelink to PC via USB (select transfer files).
  3. Copy custom background image and paste it in the herelink background folder:
    Optimus\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.fognl.herelink.launcher\files\backgrounds
  4. Now you can select it from your herelink controller (you’ll have to scroll down).

Scroll down did the magic, thank you very much!

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