HereLink looses functions during flight

I have a serious issue with the HereLink of one of our copters.

The unit corrupts during flight and looses functions as a result. E.g. the Mavlink connection is lost or parts! of the SBUS transmission (channel 1-4) is non-functional.

The first time the Mavlink connection was lost and this could only be fixed reflashing of the air unit.

During the next flight the SBUS got corrupted and only the wheel channel stayed functional.

I have reflashed the ground unit but it still shows strange behavior. If I restart the copter/air unit without closing QGroundControl on the ground unit the channels are lost and within the configuration menu the sticks don’t move. If I restart QGroundControl or connect MissionPlanner from a computer via UDP the channel information is regained.

This is a serious issue and I need help/support.
@Michael_Oborne could you please help me?

needs logs ideally. ie there are alot of ways for things to go wrong, and need data to best resolve it.

Dear Michael Oborne,

thank you very much for youre reply. We managed to pin down the issue a little bit further (since we had the same issue with a second unit).

The issue seems to be within QGroundControl. The first symptom is that QGC looses the connection to the Mavlink stream. The SBUS signal is still there. This happens after rebooting the drone.

May personal guess is, that this is connected to a flight plan which is uploaded into QGroundControl.

Ok, the issue was not connected to the flight plan. The newest findings is, that the air unit seems to get some how corrupted or misconfigured.

What happened:

  1. A mission was flown without problems (as probably more than 100 missions before).
  2. Mission is removed from the copter
  3. HereLink and copter are shutdown.
  4. Copter and HereLink are restarted.
  5. Now connection via Mavlink is possible (not in QGC and not in Solex), video connection is dead, SBUS is working
  6. Resetting QGC and rebinding does not help
  7. Reflashing the AirUnit and restarting all components = connection is reestablished

I can provide a log of the flight before the issue occured tomorrow.

hi…i too think i may falling into this category but for myself since I am on Px4 firmware only the battery readings get corrupted while i switch between herelink qgc and desktop qgc during a soft restart There is some sort of data corruption happening. . Is there any compatibility issues netween the older qgc on Herelink and the newer destop QGC version.