HERELINK Loses Button Settings

Hi, we are running HERELINK on latest firmware. We have experienced that sometimes the button settings are wiped out completely and we have to remap them. Also, if you save a button config, there doesn’t appear to be a way to load it. The “LOAD” button doesn’t prompt any response ever.

Also, we noticed that sometimes the HERELINK does not send the flight modes when initially connecting to Cube 2.1. The flight mode stays in stabilize mode until toggling channel 5 buttons. Stabilize is not a mapped mode.

Mode selection should not be on Sbus and should only be on Mavlink button commands.

Channel 5 for mode selection shoud only be used to configure a failsafe option.

On the loading have you created multiple profiles ?

Why only on Mavlink button commands? With sbus, at least users can interchangeably use QGC or Solex. Doesn’t appear QGC has very detailed mavlink button setup right now (not able to set long pushes vs short). Would definitely want Sbus mapped the same way as mavlink buttons for redundancy.

Only created one profile, I’m guessing you need more than one to load one or the other?

Thanks for the help!


Using s.bus for modes means that if you have a reboot of the controller for any reason it will go to default mode on reboot

This could be catastrophic if it is not setup correctly

Mavlink will only change mode after a fresh command is sent, so becomes much more predictable

Is there a plan to make the mavlink Buttons programmable on QGC ? There doesn’t appear to be a way to program long or short button presses.