Herelink map zoom level

Hello, I was wondering if anyone new how to make the herelink version of Qgroundcontrol zoom in further to help with WP placements. The base QGC for android zooms in to Google map 20 were the herelink version only zooms in the around 15 making the WP placement for a ground rover far less accurate.

Thanks for any help

I assume you want to be able to point to more specific point while don’t care about blurry background.

There is no way to change it in Herelink, as there are no options to. You may make a pull request on our QGC repo to loosen the zoom limit:

Consider the stock QGC has slightly higher maximum zoom.

You are correct I just want to zoom in closer so I can place WP more accurately. I did install latest QGC onto my herelink as well as the version it comes stock with. The new version of QGC has the zoom level I want but the default QGC one doesnt uninstall when you try to do that so it auto populates the serial port to talk to the receiver so the new version is unable to be used. The 2 option I was looking to try is either find a way to remove the stock version the the better zoom version works or mod the stock version to have a better zoom if possible. Both options I am trying to figure out how to make work

Herelink max zoom with google hybrid

Latest Android QGC max zoom with google hybrid

the herelink is just to far out to try and place accurate WPs for a ground rover

If you compare the original QGC and Herelink QGC, the zoom limit is different. That’s why we suggest you to make a pull request