Herelink/Mavlink channel endpoints limit 1100 - 2000

I just want to be clear that this is not possible to extend Mavlink RC Channel endpoints within herelink settings/ button config, beyond the predefined range, It seems 1100 is the minimum and can’t be changed to say 1000, correct me if I’m wrong that the RC1-x channel parameters in MP or QGC are for output only, is that correct? I.e. the output over Sbus / PWM from FC.

RCx parameters are for input. SERVOx parameters are output.

SBUS range on Herelink are by design, it can’t be changed.

hello, why is the herelink blocked at a minimum value of 1100 when all the remote controls that exist have a range that goes down to 1000 at least. if this is the case it is still a problem that makes this remote control less and less appropriate for professional use because systems have minimum thresholds below 1100 which makes the remote control unusable for its. already that there is a lack of button on the remote control, that the battery does not last a day and is not interchangeable by the customer if in addition you can not put a signal set point lower than 1100 then this time I think I will definitely abandon your remote because it is too much. knowing that other brands of remote controls have existed for a long time before yours have standards that you could at least be inspired.
I’m not sure but it seems to me that on the lower versions you can go down to 1000.

It would be necessary to get the common PWM range 1000-2000us (even 900-2100)
I have several clients that abandoned the Herelink because of that and few others that seems to follow the same direction. Some payloads are preconfigured with PWM value the Hireling can’t reach.

Please @Michael_Oborne, @siddharth , can you consider this upgrade in the next FW version

I need to go the other way, my machine is using variable pitch control and works with an idle up channel (normal Values). Plus the PWM throttle value that is in the range of only 1250-1900. That is because it needs only a slight negative pitch for energy recovery in descent. Thus also allowing for a change in the collective pitch range from take off to fwd flight. this machine is a tail sitter UAV. Any advice on this kind of development would be appreciated.

this topic is the first time we are hearing about this, yes its adjustable internally. we just dont expose it.

i have a beta fw that can change it to 1000-2000, this is a change for all axis, not just a singular

Thanks Michael,
So it means the next stable would integrate the same range ?

@Julien, exactly the case, where sensor payload that listens for the Mavlink RC channels for controlling functions has hard coded ranges being out of range of what the herelink is capable of setting, this does leave me wondering if users who decide to opt for a different RC and if those endpoints are adjustable on other similar types of radios? another great thing that would be nice is to set multiple controls to the same channel, basically like most every computer radio does, having full mixing capabilities, and why can’t we set this up in QGC and let it handle this, does it have to do with the hardware? if we could figure out a way to support all kinds of radio controllers just like herelink to simplify Mavlink channel mixing that would be great. I’d like to here others thoughts about this.