HereLink Mission Plan Uploads

There is 1 MicroUSB port. Can that be used to upload Mission Plans to the Herelink controller running the QGroundsControl Hub?


@Michael_Oborne any hints?

Got an email back from 3dxr:


I have just tested 2 methods

1 via USB – with the herelink usb set to media transfer the internal storage can be accessed and a mission dropped in to folder. Then it can be opened in QGC as normal

2 memory card – you cannot view the memory card from open mission in QGC but first if you use the file transfer on herelink you can copy from the SD card to the correct directory in QGC

Both methods were quick and simple.

Hope this helps

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@philip and @MadRC please the share the specifications of the memory card that goes into the herelink transmitter?

any uSD card should do the job