Herelink & Mission Planner / Owner - Guest

I have mission planner on my herelink. It always had this issue where when I load it up and all the parameters are finished it will say “DONE” and pause on that . I am not able to to click anywhere and use anything in Mission Planner.

I had the Bright idea of removing Mission Planner with adb and then installing the latest APK. Uninstall did remove it and then i discovered it is still hidden under system but with 0B. I only noticed when I tried to install the new APK it said [INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE] .

Long story short i discovered that if i make a GUEST profile Mission Planner and Qground is there from the start but Air unit is not paired and button mapping is not selected. Basically like a new Herelink.

My question is , is there a way to get Mission planner on the OWNER account again or would it be “better” to just set up everything on the guest account and try make mission planner work there?

Thank you