Herelink Mode pilot

Hi guys … just a little information … Herelink allow Mode 1 and Mode 2 but is it possible to manage also Mode 3 or does it allow only the first ways?

I fly everydays with mode 3 enabled on Herelink.
You will find this option on “Joystick” configuration on QGC default app. Do not use “Radio” folder because you will not find mode 3 option.

Hi Rosario
thank you for the information. Although very late, I appreciated the advice. It was a forced setting of QGC but now with Solex it is possible to manage directly from RC. However it is a very valuable indication,

You can also do this in Mission Planner by remapping the RC inputs from controller.
However, this method is slightly complicated compared to QGC, but with greater degree of freedom

Hi alvin. Does this work in QGC, and if so can we also remap the channel for the scroll wheel on the herelink controller? For example, can I remap the scroll wheel through the parameters to be on channel 18? Thanks

Do you mean remapping rollwheel to different channel via QGC? Why do you need to do this? Mapping it in Herelink Settings App is easiler and more straight forward.