Herelink motors idle too high

I have a Herelink remote control with a Pixhawk 2.1 Cube Orange FC. Everything worked pretty well until after a software update the motors idle too high, the copter almost takes off.
Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance

Remove the props, arm the motors and then check the RC OUT values in Mission Planner. This will tell you if it’s herelink issue or your autopilot issue. Also, check your MOT_SPIN parameter’s value.

Hello Achal,

thank you for your message.
There is a difference if I start the engines in Stabilize or AltHold mode. In AltHold mode RC_OUT is about 1300 usek and in Stabilize mode it is about 1600 usek with the throttle stick in neutral.
When the copter is disarmed it is 1102 usek.
The variable
MOT_SPIN_MAX is 0.95
MOT_SPIN_MIN is 0,15

Changing these values does not bring any improvement.
I think there should be a variable to adjust the idle speed when the throttle stick is in neutral position.

Do you have another idea?

Thanks in advance

With the info that you have provided, it looks like yours is a copter firmware. In copter, make sure you are in ALTHOLD or LOITER before arming the drone. In these modes, the throttle stick in center, is around 1500 PWM. The copter only takes off when you increase the throttle.

Arming a Copter in Stabilize mode is not suggested. If you still want to fly in that mode, then you will have to hold the throttle down after arming to avoid the copter taking off.

Hello Achal,
thank you for the hint! Yes exactly, that’s how it is. I start the motors in loiter mode now, so it works fine.

Thanks for the help.