Herelink no stick input on herelink configurator?!


I was testing here link for a while now, and it was working normal.
Today i wanted to arm the drone and nothing happened… I was trying to do the calibration inside the mission planer but there were no stick movements, so i went into herelink setup to calibrate the sticks, and there were no inputs showing nothing was moving even after the calibration…

Can anyone help? Thanks!

maybe you plug the SBUS2 cable to the RCInput on the cube? must be the SBUS1 cable

I was flying with the drone so i dont think thats the problem… i just dont get any stick input in the callibrtion of the remote…

may be sbus cable get lose? Did you check the RCIN telemetry?

All cables are conected properly, and the reaciver is conected (paired). The problem is that i dont get any stick movements in the remote callibration. (hereling configuration).
Here is the video:

oh i see. No idea, may be a default restore?

I already did factory reset and update the firmware and nothing happened… Its really strange it happened out of nowhere, I was flying normaly, all worked well, and the next day that happened it sucks :smiley:
Thank you for your answers!

very strange… sound like defective HL… Hope not…

There may be a chance you pulled the throttle stick too hard, such that a small component peeled off.
If you don’t care about voiding the warranty, you may open the housing and have a look.
If you do care, request a RMA for inspection.

I found the missing part i think :slight_smile:

Can i get some info of the part so i can replace it?

Thank you!

There was an inductor. You can short circuit those 2 pads which originally for the inductor. It will work as before.

Thank you!

we have the same issue, just suddenly the stick was not responding anymore. Is this a firmware or hardware issue?

You may try to reset the Herelink to factory, reload firmware, then redo hardware calibration.

If those don’t fix your Herelink, its not software issue.