Herelink not arming with sticks

I’m using Arducopter 4.0.3 with a Herelink HD. I only can arm the drone with QCG (not with sticks) in Alt Hold mode. (throttle too high when I try in Stabilize in QGC and nothing when I try to arm with sticks in any mode). Here my RC3 values:


With a Taranis Xlite I can arm without any issue.

Hi Andres,

The minimum RC value is 1100 out of Herelink SBUS. Can you try using that as min. It should have been setup during RC calibration from QGC.

Thanks for your reply @sidbh.

When I did the RC calibration from Herelink setup and QGC, values were below 1100. If I replace manually to 1100, motors spin slow before arm, just after pressed safety button.

The only method that works is writing the value RC3_MIN to 1060 (motors not spin when its disarmed) and up RC3_DZ to 44 to cross the 1100 threshold value. Is this correct?

All motors were tested and calibrated in MP with an 5% throttle min to spin.