Herelink not arming with sticks

I’m using Arducopter 4.0.3 with a Herelink HD. I only can arm the drone with QCG (not with sticks) in Alt Hold mode. (throttle too high when I try in Stabilize in QGC and nothing when I try to arm with sticks in any mode). Here my RC3 values:


With a Taranis Xlite I can arm without any issue.

Hi Andres,

The minimum RC value is 1100 out of Herelink SBUS. Can you try using that as min. It should have been setup during RC calibration from QGC.

Thanks for your reply @sidbh.

When I did the RC calibration from Herelink setup and QGC, values were below 1100. If I replace manually to 1100, motors spin slow before arm, just after pressed safety button.

The only method that works is writing the value RC3_MIN to 1060 (motors not spin when its disarmed) and up RC3_DZ to 44 to cross the 1100 threshold value. Is this correct?

All motors were tested and calibrated in MP with an 5% throttle min to spin.

hello, i have connect the safety switch and i try to arm and disarm with 1 button too in Herelink, buzzer OK and Herelink say “ARM” and “DISARM” but the switch led alaways blinking and not armed or disarmed.
i try too with Rudder to arm and disarm in Mission Planer but nothing works.I do something wrong i suppose.
Is somebody try arm and disarm with 1 button Herelink Yet ?? thank you very much.+++

What message showed up in GCS? It should tell you why (eg: what you have missed).

Hello everyone, I have a purple cube with miniboard and Herelink system, pretty much everything works.
I use QGC and sometimes Solex. problems on both systems
QGC = video recording stops qgc and no records videos
Solex = the distance displays 0 permanently while in QGC it works.
Do you have any info on it? Thanks very much. Cordially.

Does recording work in Solex?

Can you describe more specifically? Like a screenshot?

Hello Alvin,
Record videos, it’s OK with Solex. It seems that this problem is recurent with QGC
the distance value with Solex does not move and always remains at 0.000
in fact I have 3 different values ​​between QGC and MP (55.9 m, 56.10m), Solex (0.00 m) and Micro OSD Holybro. (5 m). :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I drive my rover with TX Herelink and Herelink Air unit.Cube purple is on a Rover with Ardurover with Wheel Encoder (only 1 Wenc).
it works with MP and QGC, the distance is displayed and normally increases after setting the EKF origin.
I’m disappointed, Qgc can’t record video, Solex can’t show distance, Osd can’t show good distance…how can I do to record video with distance displayed on it??? I tried with LUA scripts from @poirier but without success to enter the origin automatically without my PC companion in fact. I seem to be forced to use my companion pc all the time. Yet for a rover what could be more logical than to be able to visualize and display the distance traveled and the distance from the house, but I specify without GPS of course, only with a wheel encoder.
if you have any solutions I’m a taker… thank you very much.

but Solex nothging and micro OSD Holybro another value different

What is the protocol of telem port you’re using? Is that mavlink2?

Yes Mav2

Can you connect the autopilot to Mission Planner. Then press “Ctrl+F” > mavlink inspector and find out which mavlink message is sending the distance?

Then go to Solex->airplane button (get into control screen)->“CONTROLS” button at the bottom-left corner->2nd icon from the top. The MAVLink Message window should appear. Now check if the distance message is showing up there.

You can do the same thing in QGC as well. The rightmost icon in the top-left corner toolbar->MAVLink inspector. Check whether the same message is passing the same value, to verify if the problem is QGC making offset to the value, or the value was not matching at all.

Hello Alvin,
i try what you say, first open Mavlink inspector in QGC, Mission Planner and Solex
and see Wheels distance = all of them are ok distance value = 0.34

QGC and mission planner the value distance in HUD displayed is good, not in Solex and on my OSD Holybro Micro, solex always Zero and Osd display anything

Can you share the value of your distance limit in Solex > App Setting?

We currently don’t have wheel encoder hardware to test. But with the following setup:
Cube Orange
Ardupilot 4.1.5
is able to show distance in Solex. Can you try similar? like putting GPS on your rover.

No, it’s not the same display…

Can you try to put a GPS on your rover?

one is on yet, in QGC with Herelink TX and air unit distance is ok, and Mavlink Inspector in MP is ok, with QGC with my PC companion Distance ok, its only in Solex.




@kellyschrock - Any idea what causes this problem? The data should be in mavlink system but not showing up in Solex

yep ! no news?