Herelink offline map loading instructions

I thought I would share instructions for offload map loading into Herelink - that worked for me at least.

You will need QGroundControl and working adb tool in your laptop/PC. Also microUSB cable is needed - to connect Herelink GCS to laptop/PC.

Here is an brief outline of this process:

  • download offline maps in laptop/PC QGC instance
  • export offline maps from laptop/PC QGC instance
  • upload export file to Herelink GCS via adb (USB) connection
  • import file into QGroundControl in Herelink

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Install and launch QGroundControl in your laptop/PC

  2. Goto “Application settings” (Q icon in upper left corner) -> “General” – and configure “Map provider” and “Map type”. I used Bing, Hybrid Map (as I had problems with Google Satellite map download)

  3. Goto “Application settings” -> “Offline Maps” – and click on “Add new set”

  4. Set Map Zoom levels and zoom out until whole offline map area will fit QGC window - downloadable tiles count and total size will be displayed

  5. Hit Download button and wait map tiles download to be completed

  6. Then hit “Export” -> “Select All” -> “Export” – and save map export file

  7. Connect Herelink via USB cable to your laptop – and fire up adb by executing: adb devices (should list the device)

  8. Upload map export file to Herelink GCS by executing:
    adb push filename.qgctiledb /storage/sdcard0/QGroundControl/Missions/

  9. Goto Herelink QGroundControl app – and “Application settings” -> “Offline Maps” – and click on “Import”

  10. Select uploaded export file and choose “replace existing set” option

Thats it. Map should be now visible in Herelink QGC.


Have you tried connecting the HereLink to a WiFi AP with internet access and letting it load the map tiles itself? I would expect that to also work, and it seems simpler from a workflow perspective.

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No I havent tried it yet - as I dont have access to 5Ghz Wifi AP atm.

Yeah, I have the same issue here. I just tethered to my Android phone and did it with Solex. Solex on HereLink uses MapBox, so it just downloads the maps and leaves them in place so they’re there when you disconnect from WiFi.

I have done this both with and without the ADB and it keeps although it shows the name of the tile set thats been imported, it wont show it as a map and it says it requires downloading which is kind of weird considering its an imported map tile set. Anyone else still having issues?