Herelink on fixed-wing

Herelink on fixed-wing is definitely possible - here is a Parrot Disco “clone” prototype - using Ardupilot, Cube and Herelink:


I know that hard-core RC guys complain about spring loaded throttle - yet I prefer FBWB, Cruise and Auto (flightplan) modes - and for this spring loaded throttle stick is actually preferable.

Have not done any range tests yet - probably current antenna placement needs optimization.

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super! let us know your range !
Where are your antennas ?

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Antennas are in the belly - laid down on each side at the moment. Im suspecting its not most efficient way in terms of signal quality - but there is no space elsewhere for them. I may try to flip them - so that they would face towards ground (atm their backside is facing the ground).

@Pascal_Detournay do you know at which RSSI value connection is expected to drop? Today I only flew in visible range - ie max 300-400m away - and lowest RSSI value I saw was -102 (normally it was between -70 and -96. Auto transmit power was ON.

i already asked … but it not clear !
when i’m close , i’m about -50 dbm
when i’m at 500 m i’m about -100 dbm
i do not understand this values …

Banme_RC get the same result …

Can you take pictures of your antenna setup/mount? I’m working on a fixed wing and am trying to figure out some ways to mount them, thanks so much!

  • All you can remove case of the antenna and cut off needless part on PCB board. I have done and it work, now it is much smaller than stock and you can insert it easily to your fixed wing.
  • If you place the antenas wrong way then the video link will become very bad even in short range (under 100 m with video link - I have been through.
  • With video link, it seems maximum -130 dbm rssi. Max video range I have tested with my system is 8,6 km
  • And one more, set your herelink to CCE mode and set uplink and downlink at maximum, 20M, if i am not wrong!

@Banme_RC do you have a photo of your antenna placement?
First I tried like this:

Which is probably the wrong way.
Next I will try to flip them - facing front to ground (backside to ground atm).

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How do you connect build in camera if this kit have or how do you insert it to this kit if use external camera?

Im still working on FPV camera payload integration - no final outcome yet. There will be at least FPV nose cam + belly payload (mapping cam, etc).

here is my set-up …impossible to try it ! coronavirus !

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it is not FCC mode ?

Uhm sorry I am wrong, it’s FCC mode

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