Herelink on Telem2?

hi guys … My WirisPro camera does not work perfectly on Telem2 (I have the triggering but not the GPS data). I would like to bring Herelink to Telem2 to free Telem1 and leave it to WirisPro. Is this possible? thank you

Yes , you can connect herelink on either telem1 or telem2.

thanks Mike_ZY…always with Mavlink 2 and 115K, i suppose… correct?

About the mavlink, it depend on your firmware, mavlink2.0 for firmware after APM 4.1 ,mavlink1.0 for firmware before APM 4.1.(as default)
And the Baud rate is 57600 (you can check it in Herlink setting>Airunit>Baud)