Herelink OTG and UVC video

Two related questions: Is the HereLink Air unit USB OTG port live?

If OTG works is it possible to hook up a USB UVC video source to that port? Like a webcam? Possible to send that over the link instead of the HDMI inputs?

And in theory, yes, but you would need to figure out how.

USB Host and UVC drivers already in kernel?

Is the video link a gstreamer pipeline we could reconfigure to pull from the UVC device?



I’d be interested in anything discovered here also. I’ve poked around the air unit some, and although I’m far from an Android expert it’s pretty interesting how it’s been configured. I hadn’t even considered a USB camera interface directly into the Herelink, such an option might save me some trouble even if I have to write my own capture program.

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