Herelink Overheating Problem

Hello all,

I am experiencing some problems, sometimes our Herelink Air units stops working in the middle of the flight, after some time, like 10-15 min. Our design has all the electronics inside a central shell with no cooling. I strip all the components to fit them in the smaller space possible. So I did with the HereLink AIr unit.

My guess is that the Herelink Air Unit Overheats, and that is why stops working. After 5 min or so with the drone off, everything works again.

Any thoughts or info regarding this issue?

Thanks in advance.

Try to add a cooling fan
The air unit need cooling as it works nearly 65 degrees normally. It should not rise higher than 70 degree

You cannot strip the HereLink air out of its case, the case is a critical part of the thermal management system of HereLink.

There are screws supplied for mounting a fan to the air unit, please use it

I know but the case is big and heavy, I had to get rid of it to fit the air unit in Our UAV. I did not have the problems before, maybe the Texan summer is somehow related :sweat_smile: The center part of the drone is an aluminum shell, I am going to try to use it as heat sink.

You just can’t do that.

The chips will be damaged if you run it without the case.

The case makes physical contact with the chips with thermal compound to remove heat directly

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Good to know it’s an issue - it’s now winter in the South, I fear all our craft will overheat comes summer in South Africa… We’ll have to get fans installed.

Currently our ground unit is getting super hot. Any tips?

try keep it out of direct sunlight. there is a shutdown temperature if the battery gets too hot. but out of direct sunlight this should not be an issue

Hi @Michael_Oborne is there any way to get the internal temperature displayed on the Herelink remote unit screen?

Currently in EU we call it hot around 39 degree celsius temperatures and i experient some sudden shutdown of the here link controller. So not the AirUnit but the controller

No other obvious reason i can think of other then heat related.

Is there something todo ?

you can install a fan, there are mounting screws enclosed :slight_smile:

However, I do not find it obvious how to install it. I 'll send you a picture when I installed mine (propably next week)

edit: Ah sorry, you ment the Controller :frowning: was talking about the air unit

Reduces heat significantly.


@dobje, did you find a solution for that?


I had glued. I think you can screw them too!