Herelink pairing problem

Hi everyone,
I have 2 Herelink kits.
One air unite installed on the drone with good pairing to “it’s” ground unit.
I tried to pair the second unit to the same air unit (I know that I can pair one ground unit to air unit at a time) it paired but once I turn off the drone it cannot pair back and I couldn’t do it manually.
I can pair easily the first ground unite back and it works just fine.
All the units (2 ground and 2 air) are updated.

Did anybody face issue like this?


Are you able to pair the second controller to the second air unit?
Or you are only unable to pair the second controller to the first air unit?

I can pair the second controller to the second air unit.
I performed Factory data reset on the second controller and managed to connect it to first air unit manually twice but it never reconnected automatically after power cycle the drone.
Currently I cannot connect it manually as well.
First controller easily can be connected to both air units.

Any advise?


So that’s you can’t cross pairing those 2 sets of Herelink? That’s weird
Once paired, the air unit and controller will stick together until you conduct another pairing.

That’s how the first controller behaves

Do you have any ideas what could possibly went wrong?

A - A
B - B
If you re-pair them as
A - B
B - A
Then they will stick together until you pair them again
After rebooting, they are still
A - B
B - A
If any one is turned off, its partner won’t connect to the original partner.
A - B
B(off) - A(no connection)
B(no connection) - A(off)