Herelink pitch and throttle reversed

I purchased two here link last year and both are unusable as of right now. First of all, the range is very poor. It does not give even 3km range with video forgot about 10 or 15km. Thought it will increase and all other bugs will be solved after the update but no luck.
Coming to the point, I updated one of the herelink and found pitch and throttle are reversed and no matter if I reverse form here link or from mission planner they do not reverse. Updated here link again using fresh copy, still no luck.

added a video link for the same. Kindly go through it -

Did you do the hardware calibration?
You can tap on the REV to reverse sbus output on that channel. Press the SAVE button to save the config

For the range, it is depends on the working environment. If there is interference, the range will surely decrease.


Range I understand but rev button are not working even after saving, tried to reverse channel from mission planner still no luckā€¦ There is some sort of software glitch because before updating it , it was working fine. Many other users have reported the same issue in the group.

How do you know the channels are not reversed?
All channel bahaviours should be checked on ground control station. The joystick page on Herelink only reflects the raw input from sticks.
The Mission Planner > rc calibration page tells you what does the autopilot really received.

If you still have problem, can you take video which shows Herelink joystick page and Mission planner rc calibration page at the same time?