Herelink,pixhawk 2.1, and Foxtech Seeker 10x integration

Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I hope it is the right spot!

I would really like to integrate the Foxtech Seeker 10x, pixhawk 2.1, and Herelink into the Nimbus VTOL airframe. This will be my most complicated build to date, my only other two are an RVjet and XUAV Talon. I always struggle with the avionics portion, I can muddle through if I have the parts in front of me (and youtube :grinning: ). But I suck at trying to figure out what integrates with what just going off wiring diagrams.

This is the wiring diagram for the camera. Based on what I see for VTOL configuration at arduplane and it would seem like I do not have enough outputs.

I would really like a zoom camera and this is the only one in my price range (barely). I am hopeful someone can set me on the right path.

The final output is (hopefully) a long range, long endurance VTOL with a zoom camera on 360 gimbal.

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried contacting Foxtech directly as they are dealers for all the equipment you are asking about?

We own one of these. Seeker 10x.
But the problem is, the saved photo and video are saved as 2017. In which we flown yesterday 3 oct 2021.