Herelink problem after update

after updating a message(qgc fully support version 3.3 and above. you are using a version prior to that. This combination is untested,you may run into unpredicatable results) appears.
kindly help me this,.

Are you on current stable? If so, you can ignore this. This is because we have a custom commit to fit the QGC into Herelink’s hardware.

@Alvin after all calibration we have successfully took a flight but facing a minor problem now drone is not hovering when throttle stick is in middle.
we have to hold throttle stick slightly upward to hover our drone if we bring throttle stick on mid drone starts is going down ward .kindly help

There are 2 possible reason

  1. Your throttle stick is not outputting 50% at the middle. Verify this from Herelink setting app > joysticks if you’re on beta firmware, or on computer GCS.

  2. The hover throttle is not well calibrated yet, fly it more so that the Arducopter could learn the hover throttle by itself
    Setting Hover Throttle — Copter documentation