Herelink QGC Development

Hello everyone. I am new to Herelink and QGC Development. I want to ask you guys if it is possible to use this repository to develop on Herelink GitHub - mavlink/qgroundcontrol: Cross-platform ground control station for drones (Android, iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Windows) .
Or should i be using this repository GitHub - CubePilot/qgroundcontrol-herelink ?

If i can use Mavlink repository i want to learn how.

Thank you for your answers.

If you want to install it into Herelink, use the Cubepilot repo.
If you are using your customer QGC on computer or elsewhere, use the original repo.

Thank you Alvin ! I want to install it into Herelink. So i want to ask you one more question. 3.5.6 is the last version for the Herelink development right ?

The current stable is 3.5 and will be 4.0.8 for the coming beta.

Thank you for all your answers Alvin . I appreciate it. One last thing when we will be able to use 4.0.8 repository for development ? Do we have an exact date ?