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I am using a 3s LiPoly on my FW plane. My measured current was 0.68 Amps. How do you enter this value under Power ----> Measured current field . What I want to know is the unit of measurement. Is this value entered in Amps or milli Amps

thank you in advance

You may have a look at the Ardupilot wiki

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I am using Px4 - QGC platform. Please reconfirm

I’m not very familiar with QGC with PX4. But considered the field is used for calculating “Amps per Volt”, I assume it is also Amps.

Unfortunately , I am not getting the correct feedback from this calculation. I measured actual current and voltage and yet I think it may not be correct. Can you please find out from any developer, what intended measurement of unit has to be entered here . this is very important

You may need to ask on PX4 or QGC forum. As this is the setup but not hardware problem.
Also, I assume you are using current measurement compatible power module, as the power brick mini doesn’t.

I am using the one which came standard with the Pixhawk Orange CUBE. I don’t know if it is for current measurement

The one come with package is the power brick mini

It can measure current but only in rough accuracy especially in low current. Accuracy improves at higher current.

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Oh really… Strange Herelink QGC is requesting me to enter the current field as well Also now I get the message UAV power very low but the battery is almost full !