Herelink QGC Stick Calibration Error

Hi Guys,

Updated everything to the latest firmware and i cant get this herelink in QGC to do a stick calibration. It works in the hidden menu and checks out green but nothing going on in QGC. Please see the below images. Even the graphic mapping is all out on the screen. Any ideas?

Cheers everyone for the help too.

Please follow the instruction on the wiki.

The QGC is showing from your Autopilot and not the Herelink calibration. Thats your Autopilot calibration.

The main hardware cal is in the Herelink settings app.

If you can’t calibrate your RC on your Autopilot from Herelink try via the desktop app.

Thanks MadRC,

Does this mean then that in QGC you will not be able to do any calibration there and having this page in Red colour or not even working like in my case is the new normal?

Just wanted to triple check - are you able to do the calibration in QGC after calibrating in the main hardware cal in the herelink settings app?

Thanks very much for your help