Herelink QGC Stick Calibration Problem

Hello everyone. I’ve been trying to build a customized QGC for my Herelink. I’ve actually managed to do it. But I have a problem. When I connect to my vehicle and try to calibrate my throttle sticks. It doesn’t see my throttle sticks movement. I use virtual joysticks to move my vehicle but I want to do it with throttle sticks. How can I do it ? Any help will be appreciated . Thank you.

Can somebody help with this ?

Have you conducted the hardware calibration on Herelink Settings App?
Were sticks working on stock QGC?

Yes sir. I’ve actually managed to get it work with Pixhawk 3. I made my SBUS - RC IN connection wrong. But i have actually another problem. My main vehicle uses tinkerboard. I guess it doesn’t have any pinout to connect my SBUS. So it won’t see my joystick movements. What can i do to make it work ?

Thanks for ur answer Alvin !

And What is the output of SBUS pinout on Herelink ? Is it really using the SBUS protocol ? Is it possible to read as UART on Tinker board ? I would be appreciated if u answer my all questions.

The sbus pin is rather simple part in the Ardupilot system. I think you can have a look at the code, then write a script in your board to read the sbus from GPIO pin.

The SBUSo on Herelink is a passthrough that convert signal received from RCIN to Sbus output.
eg: SBus Servos — Copter documentation

Hello again sir. What i actually want to do read the herelink’s sbus on my Tinker board. U give me a good link in the second one but like i said i should do the opposite of it. Is there anyway to do it ? If there is can you show me some examples with tinker board or etc.

The first link is how Ardupilot read Sbus from RCIN. So you should be able to read the signal with the code.
There are also example codes on google for reading sbus in Arduino which should give you some reference.

The second one is an example for how Sbuso works.

The sbus port on Herelink air unit is sending out sbus signal yes.
If you have mavlink receiver program on your board, you can also read the RC value from mavlink via serial.

Well hello again. Is it possible to send physical joystick like virtual joystick ? Can i modify it like that in QGC code ? If so where should i start ?

Not without custom code. It’ll need to take the sbus data and put it in a mavlink packet on the air unit.

But these sort of modifications are out of scope of the standard capability of HereLink. The best option is for it to be quoted as a paid job.