HereLink QGround Control Range Finder data stuck


Im using a front and down distance sensor on a BlackCube and HereLink with the last update.

I have a tablet connected to the HL, because as the QGControl on the HL does not show both data (range finders), I have a copilot to inform me the front sensor distance when im aproaching to the target.

The problem is, i dont know why, the data of both sensor most of times get stuck. In fact, some times, the distance of the front sensor is show on the down sensor.

I have connected my cell phone at the same time to the HereLink and the tablet, and my QGconrol show me the same stuck data than the tablet.

@philip can you give me a hand?

Any idea?


What range finder are you using?
Lidarlite V2 had this issue a long time ago.


Is not a sensor problem, on the telemetry I can see the data always changing, meanwhile the data on the tablet was Stuck.

anyway, im using a TF mini as ground sensor and a MaxBotix as a front sensor

I am trying to understand your problem and I saw you mentioned it from my avoidance post. If your data for the front sensor is showing up on the down sensor data that to me seems like you need to go into your configuration and adjust a value to specify which direction this rangefinder will be. I think you should use mission planner instead also. I have these rangefinder problems in the past where the data doesn’t show up or incorrectly shows up and I find that the only ground station that is effective to solving them is mission planner. If you are using QGC because you don’t have windows I recommend downloading a virtual box or find a computer that does. Also don’t waste time with APM planner it’s not the same.

the sensors setup are ok, one to the front and one down.

This is happening to me as well along with battery consumption. It works on the ground and when you take off 5-10 seconds in the air battery consumption, range finder down along with front range finder will freeze. I then hooked up a 30 foot usb cable to my uas and used my laptop running qgc or mp, take it into a 10 foot hover and it never freezes, but look down on the herelink and the range finder numbers and battery consumption have frozen. This has all happened since the last update. It has been disappointing.

Running Benewake front and down lidar tf02 and Mauch current sensor and bec. Everything works fine thru the laptop, but not on the Herelink.

@kellyschrock any thoughts on this

My setup its almost the same, my front sensor its a maxbotic, the rest is the same.

I have realize if I connect the computer to the HL via wireless, MP show me the correct data. But on the tablet, get stuck, and its very random, there are times works fine, then get stuck, and some time later get working again.

I almost sure it depend on how do I start the system. If I turn on the drone before the HL, data get stuck. its like HL cant transmit on the right way the telemetry data.

@philip, when is HL have the las version of QGC?


Mine gets stuck every flight regardless if I turn the drone on first or the herelink. Sometimes you might get 5 seconds in the air and sometimes up to 20 seconds and then they freeze up. Sometimes it will update the battery consumption and lidar readings in the air every once in a while like every 2-5 min, but then immediately freezes up and then it will give you the correct consimption and lidar readings when you land, but it can take up to a minute or more to unfreeze and update.

Next release I think

and that will be on… :blush: