Herelink queations:

1: how can the herelink ground controller be connected to other computer/GCS while flying?
(USB-ORG, ethernet/wifi etc)
2: how can I get the video feed from ground controller to another computer/bigger display? (is there an UDP/RTSP stream copy that can be watched at the same time?)
3: is if possible to stream both streams (from two cameras) at the same time, with lower bitrate or resolution? (for others than pilot to see)
4: can simple OSD operations be done on the video ? (visualizing sensor data in the video?)

1: this will show you how to share

2: as above

3: no not at this time.

4: not unless you can overlay onto HDMI. It’s a digital Input there is no OSD integration on the video feed. Data is displayed on Herelink via the Mavlink UART Input.