Herelink Radio Calibration

(Santosh sharma) #1

I am using Kore Carrier board and trying to calibrate radio but unable to get RC input. I tried to connect Sbus output to SBUS and PPM pins on kore board but cube is not detecting any RC input.

(__Airbot Systems) #2

Did you updated your remote and your air unit ?
If yes, are they paired ?

(Santosh sharma) #3

Yes both are updated and paired.

(__Airbot Systems) #4

Maybe stupid question, but do you use the good S.BUS port out on the air unit ?

(The good one is the closer of the antennas connectors)

If yes, did you try to plug another standard RC PPM or S.BUS ? to test if it works with an other one ?

(Santosh sharma) #5

I tried all combination but no luck.

(__Airbot Systems) #6

I would suggest to try many configurations to find what’s wrong.

(Jade Lo) #7

I’m having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

(__Airbot Systems) #8

Guys, post a picture of your installation please, and give max details

(David B Bitton) #9

Me too. I had a Jeti receiver w. PPM out to the Kore and it worked. Now I have a dragonlink set to SBUS and it doesn’t show up in MP. I checked with a scope and the output looks like sbus.

(Andres G.) #10

Hello, Some news about this problem.
I have the same issue when I connect Kore Carrier + Herelink HD. I receive telemetry but not radio input. I can calibrate joystick but not remote controller…


Photos guys…


The SBUS pin on Kore carrier board refers to SBUSo on standard carrier board. Therefore it is an output port.

Can you try to connect the Sbus 1 from air unit to PPM pin on Kore. Then reboot both Cube and Herelink controller.

(Yasir Khizar) #13

Did anyone find the solution to this problem? I am using futaba R7008Sb receiver configured for s-bus. While connecting to SBUS port on KORE CARRIER BOARD, i could not find RC Channel signals on Mission Planner. I tried with dragon link receiver as well configured for s-bus out but still the same result. Plz guide/suggest in this regard…
Yasir Khizar

(__Airbot Systems) #14

Dont connect it to the SBUS port of the Kore ! (it is an output, not an input)
Connect it on the PPM port, next to the SBUS port

(Yasir Khizar) #15

Yes, it works…

Yasir Khizar