Herelink random stops video and telemetry feeds

Got a herelink here (another) that’s misbehaving. It’ll randomly loose video connectivity, which is fairly normal it seems…, but this one is also loosing the telemetry stream. RC remains up. I originally thought it was temperature related, but appears to not be and is just intermittent.

Whats the process to troubleshoot, or enable logging etc, before I RMA another one. Its on the non solex firmware.

Please update to the Solex version. Or can you tell me why are you not?

Handover functionality between conventional inputs on second controller wont work on Solex version.

Checked the Telem cable. That’s the first port of call.

Many of the video issses can be related to the micro hdmi cable.

Cables fine, been replaced, issue still exists. Pretty sure its a herelink issue.

HDMI is using a cable robbed from a solo, video works intermittently. I originally had a hunch it was temperature based issue, but it appears to be totally intermittent rather than anything physical.

How do I enable logging etc do troubleshoot the herelink?

@philip @sidbh - Any ideas?

Have you tried the latest stable firmware?

Wont work due to mavlink controls.

what wont work?

maybe we need to do a call on this? If you need something special its best we get that supported in an official release

Control handover between X9E/RFD900x and Herelink, not that its currently working due to SBUS on UART firmware issues, but we cant hand over between a mavlink commanded flight mode etc from herelink to a channel x sbus output commanded mode.