Herelink range problem

Hello guys.

Recently i bought a Hex Herelink from 3dxr in uk.
I totaly like the combo but i have one big problem. I loose link after about 30 meters maximum. I tried:

  • mounting antenas in other position then pointing downwards after testing it ponting downward and was not good
    -updating firmware to rc
    All works but just 20 -30 m range .

Any advice that would lead me to trying something to make it work is apreciated.


Have you updated the firmware ? tbh it should be massively more than this, have you spoke with Ben ? this is not normal.

Best talk to Ben, this is not right at all

Who is ben? I am new here .

Ben is 3DXR

Ok i just had them on phone , i am going to send the unit back to 3dxr .
Update: Today i cecked together with my collegue witha servo into the chanel one on pixhawk so we can test that the radio comands will lose link as well. We also added a hdmi input to test the video range.

Results :
-Lost telemetry data in about 20 meters
-video signal was very stable
-Rc controls was still working after 500m of walking

With this being said we just lose the telemtry data in the 20 m range , the both others video and rc worked without any problem .

That’s very strange as they all use the same link. Will follow up with 3DXR

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This is really bizarre as two are having the same issue, I don’t make a lot of sense tbh.

Really strange indeed.

Would love to hear the cause.

Ciprian is working in the same workshop i do , is why we have the same problem .
Ben was very kind and got our unit back to check it maybe i mistaken something and he can check it.
In this time i buyed a new unit from 3dxr and i hope all will work well .
Thanks for the great support 3dxr.

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