Herelink RC calibration turns on the motors


On one of our copters we switched from TBS Crossfire to Herelink. I did the joystick calibration on the Herelink. When seen on mission planner, Throttle seemed to be reversed. So I reversed the channel on the Herelink and saved.
Then I tried RC calibration on mission planner. When the calibration is done, the motors arm and go full throttle(I am not arming the copter, I move one channel at a time while calibrating). Does not react to any sticks, so the only way to stop it is cut off the power. When the copter is restarted and safety switch is activated, the ESC beeps continuously and does not stop. When I connect the crossfire again and do the RC calibration, then the beeping stops and everything is back to normal. Any suggestions?


I guess the rc mapping of 2 controllers are different?
You may want to re-calibrate the ESC with Herelink

Hi Alvin, The pixhawk does not go into ESC calibration mode. I think I should do an rc calibration before the esc calibration since the min and max for channels are different from Crossfire. But when I do an RC calibration the motors turn on and ESC beeps continuously.

Edit: On Qgroundcontrol on Herlelink, the channels(roll,pitch, throttle and yaw) seemed to be mapped correctly. Only the throttle is reversed. I tried Radio calibration on Qgroundcontrol but with the same result, the motors turn on after the calibration.


Okay, After the RC calibration, the ESC were beeping, but even with the beeping I did an ESC calibration. And it worked. The beeping stopped.

If you are at Solex version, you can configure the sbus channels separately from APPs. You can reverse the channels there.

In older version QGC, you can only reverse the throttle by pulling it to opposite during calibration, if I recall it correctly.

I have the Solex version. I reversed it in the ‘Herelink Settings’ and under ‘Joystick’ tab.
Off topic question: After assigning buttons in QGC and Solex, what happens if the app crashes or I minimize the app, will it affect the flight?

They will still work if they are assigned to sbus. If they are assigned in app, they will not work without the app.