HereLink RC Channel Min 1100


Im driving a servo with the HL, but the servo min position is on 950, and on the HL the min I can get for a button is 1100.

There is any way to drive it to 950?


@philip @Anubis Hi guys, can you pls give me a hand with this? Thanks

Not 100% sure, but I assume that if you set SERVOx_MIN to 950 and RCx_MIN to 1100, Ardupilot should transform your RC input to the configured output range for the servo.

I was thinking the same, but I did some test changing the min and max signal from the remote and I can see on the servo the signal used came from the remote. May be Im missing something on the setup?

Yes beciase you have assigned it to the RC pass through basically and that overrides Ardu. Ie 57 is telling the output to do what the RC says…

The output can basically only follow the input. If you Map it with Solex and Mavlink commands you could expand the range.