Herelink RC Channels 1-4 Not detected


Please I would like you guys to help me with the RC Here link channel issues I’m facing. After updating the new firmware, the channels (1-4) which are the throttle-yaw-pitch-roll) are not detected, and therefore, I can’t calibrate the sticks anymore, I can only calibrate the scroll wheel.

Please check the attached image of my RC settings.

Hi, have you completed the stick calibration through all (!) steps? Once done everything should be ok again.

Yes, what I did is that I first calibrated the “HW WHEEL CAL” and it was successful then when I start calibrating the “HW JS CAL” none of the sticks responds.


It is normal that they do not move during the first steps of calibration.

Follow the instructions on the screen and click “Next” (do not press “fail”).


Thanks Alot! It worked!

:+1: don’t forget to do the SBUS OUT calibration

Thank you!