Herelink RC curve not smooth


I’m using Cube Orange + ArduCopter V4.0.5 on my quadcopter.
I was checking Herelink if everything is okay before I go out and do flight test.

But when I lift the throttle, the rpm goes up but not smooth.
It goes up like a stairway. Please see below photo.

Also I can tell by the sound as well. It’s not smooth, rather goes up in steps.
I don’t want to risk flying like this, It’s dangerous.

I tried with my other Remote Controller(DK-32S), and the rpm was smooth and looked good.

Could anyone help me what troubleshooting i need to try on my Herelink?

Did you made the Herelink hardware calibration + pixhawk RC calibration ?

I’ve just done HW calibration and pixhawk RC calibration one more time.
But it’s same… Please see screenshot below.

Any way to solve this issue?

Yep, that seems to increase and decrease by steps… Or firsts signs of parkinson ? :wink:
I would suggest to reset factory Air and Ground units, then recalibrate everything.