Herelink RC loss without reconnection, telemetry stays connected

Hi all,

We currently have a problem that when the radio failsafe kicks in we are able to regain telemetry but no RC control. This leads to having no manual stick control, but control (eg. change mode, write a new mission, land) through MissionPlanner via the telemetry link. The problem persists even when being right next to the plane and also having a perfect telemetry connection. When switching off/on again it is regaining control right away.
We are using the Herelink units, boosted currently to the 600mW mode in combination with a CubeOrange and the Arduplane 4.3.5.

We have been able to reproduce the malfunction on the ground, but we could not pinpoint a set sequence of actions to produce this malfunction in a consequent manner, seeming to happen randomly. We did try using a different Herelink (air and ground unit), and changed the power settings of the Herelink back to the standard 23dB (200mW) but it did not seem to make a difference.

Flight Controller:
Cube Orange, ArduPlane 4.3.5

Herelink Ground Unit version: BRU01211104
Herelink Air Unit (local) version: AAU01211129

Parameter file:

Log file or occurrence during flight:

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated!


PS: Maybe @flyingrobot can hop in