HereLink RC15 & RC16

I can not find where to properly calibrate or disable RC15 & RC16
All sticks are well calibrated but these 2 are blocking in pre-arm check, grounding the drone.

Fi d the parameters and change rc trim to above rc min

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I’m still at the same point. I never being attracted by QGC, and this case give one more reason to prefer Mission Planner.

After some search inside the ‘SERVO’ menu i founded the parameters:
SERVO15_MAX : 1900 PWM
SERVO15_MIN : 1100 PWM

This configuration is exactly the same for all servos output from 10 to 16, and there is only this problem on the RC15 & RC16…
I tried to change the values (higher and lower), saving it, rebooting, but nothing changes.


Thanks Mission planner ! :wink:

Yes in qgc the parameters you are looking for to change are in other categorie instead of RC so it can be harder to find.

yes, they are in SERVO menu.
The strange thing is that the TRIM values were not the same in QGC and in MP…