Herelink reboot and shut down

I purchased a Herelink radio system in Oct 2021. We installed it in our multirotor over the winter and did a first flight test with it today. The GS unit is experiencing major issues. It frequently reboots (even during a test flight) and is very unreliable, I do not feel comfortable flying with this unit. It has been freezing during bench testing, and will auto disconnect and reboot. During one flight today it shut down and was stuck on the HereLink splash screen. I had to hold down the power button for a long time before it finally rebooted and I could get control of aircraft again during a FS RTH. Before installing in our craft I updated the firmware of the ground and air units. The current firmware on the GS is BRU01211104 (unit says up to date). I have photos of the HereLink Settings and Android system updates. I also have bin and log file from the flight today when it shut down.

I assume this is not related to battery?
Can you try to setup recording bug report then replicate the reboot problem?

Greetings Alvin,

I do not think it is a battery issue after reading through some of the threads on here regarding the battery. The ground unit would just shut off, one time it was during connection to QGC and the default lady voice got caught in a loop for a bit, then the unit shut down. Here is the bug report I just generated. I have removed the air unit from the UAV, as I replaced the system with a spare HereLink system we have in the shop. I can hook the air unit up to a spare cube and see if it crashes. I will keep this running to try and replicate the auto shutdown issue and post another bug report.

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Greetings Alvin,

I did not feel comfortable using this HereLink system with the multirotor, so I installed it in our of our test USV rovers. The ground station unit crashed on me twice while driving the USV around. The second time it crashed the ground unit would not boot up completely with a half an icon on the screen, then proceed into a boot loop. I have a 10 sec video that shows this if needed. I had to press home and power to shut it off. Here is the latest bug report. Can you determine what the problem is? (1.2 MB)

Can you share the video?

Greetings Alvin,

I uploaded the video to youtube. Here is the link…sorry it was bright outside and my phone camera was focusing weird, but you can see the HereLink start to boot, show only half of the icon, then repeat. I had to hold down home and power for a number of seconds to shut the unit down.

Please contract your reseller for RMA. We will inspect what happened to this unit.