Herelink registration keeps crashing

Brand new unit. Downloaded and run the flasher as described in the documentation. When powering it back, the registration screen comes up. Once I enter the code, the app crashes. Every single time:

Try to go to setting > reset to factory

Restarting the Herelink, until the app won’t crash, sometimes may solve the problem.

If these don’t work, try to update your Herelink again

the most often cause of this is to do with an ip clash on your home network and the herelink.

is you wifi ip in the range 192.168.0.x?

No, my internal LAN uses 172.x.x.x. I did a reset to factory and started over. The first time it didn’t make any difference. On the third time, it finally allowed me to complete the registration process and it’s been working for a while now.

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ok my seconds guess would have been its failing at the dns server

hi i just received my herelink . i cant register the device. it say : this device cant register,
my ip address is :

Did you select the correct region with regards to date and time?

I am in turkey. should I use Europe?

i fixed the date and region. still i got error message : cannot register…

Ok, you are connected to 5,8 WiFi and you have internet connection for sure? You may also try another WiFi connection (i.e. using your mobile phone hotspot, provided it can do 5,8 hotspot).

i tried 5 different 5.8 wifi. same issue :frowning: what should I do?maybe the code is wrong?

Sorry to hear. Trust that CubePilot Team will help you with this.

I had same issue when time and date was incorrect

check both time and timezone… having the correct time in the wrong time zone is still the wrong time

Date and time issue typically