HereLink Registration

Brand new HereLink, just unboxed.
Connected to my 5GHz WiFi ok, but cannot register.

Verified the Product Key is OK, and that the network is OK.


Try another wifi like a tethered phone, networks with IP Ranges can cause issues.

Herelink ONLY uses 5GHz?

Yes for Wifi, Is this the activation after the firmware update ?

This is the initial registration after powering on a new Herelink.

Its been so long I have not seen this for a while, can you post a screen shot.

Yes this is likely a network issue, try another wifi , phone tethered often works well. As i said Wifi with 192.168 numbers can be an issue.

I also deleted your post to remove the pic as you key was showing.

I will have to reconfigure my network. I don’t have anything besides my default WiFi that offers a 5GHz bandwidth.

Will post back with an update.

Try with a 10.0.0.x address scheme,

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i had the same Problem. The Solution is to make sure your IP Adress is: 192.168.1…
It must be bigger than 192.168.0… the Herelink doesn´t work with the “0”.


Changed my DHCP to push out an IP in the 192.168.1.X range for the HereLink… My WiFi router is still on the 192.168.0.X network, so still having the issue…

Does that make a difference too?

Yes i think it is the Problem.

My Configuration is a router and a Access Point Wifi in another room. The Access Point were configured as a router and had the IP With this config it doesn´t work. Now i configured the Access Point as a “Access Point” and the IP is Now it Works very nice.

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Took a bit of work… since I have dedicated IP addressed servers…

But… changing the DHCP and the WiFi Router IP to 192.168.1.x network is what did it…
Thanks to @Tim_Terheiden and @MadRC for the help.

FYI, this ALL should be documented. Just sayin’

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we have some info in the FAQ regarding it

In my opinion, How to Register, along with that information should be at the top of the User Guide.

When you follow the URL on the Setup card included in the box, you do NOT get any immediate information on Setup, Registration or issues.

Hope that helps.


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