Herelink remote control for two items , success

Hi, I tested with success the control on two items with a air unit and a remote control only.
List material:
A air unit and remote control herelink
A cube orange ( I tried also with success on the pixhawk 4 and 1)
A switch camera ( yes its not a error it’s the switch camera )
A Dji RoboMaster sbus used
A Dji ronin S sbus used
For information I mounted the ronin s on the RoboMaster
I used the sbus 1 from air unit connected to rc in sbus on the cube ,from the cube I connected sbus out to a switch camera on the out then I connected camera 1 of the switch to the RoboMaster sbus and camera2 of the switch to the ronin S sbus , the remote of the switch (pwm) connected to rc in 7 on the cube orange
For switched the remote herelink (joystick used for each items) on between the RoboMaster or the ronin s I use the button home configured on the 7 sbus 1