Herelink remote controller without air unit


I wonder if it’s possible to use only ground unit/controller connected via ground control station with RFD868x modem (using Mission Planner on Win10 or Android) and only RFD868x modem connected to CubeOrange (on plane). I like herelink system (whole Cube ecosystem is perfect, I don’t have any issues with it) but I need better range only with telemetry.

My goal is to put away rc transmitter (I don’t need perfect latency) but I want to use joystick/controller for fixed wing. I don’t need low latency. I think, I have options like below:
-I can use laptop with joystick and RFD modem,
-Laptop with RFD modem, and RC transmitter connected to RFD ,
-Android tablet with RFD (FTDI drivers?) and joystick (Mission Planner has some problems with enabling joystick in Android version),
-and the best: Herelink ground unit connected (wire/wireless) to Android tablet with RFD modem.

Thanks in advance