Herelink Remote Unit


I recently discovered via Google that we know cannot access root on Herelink hardware (as of May 2020, I believe). I did find the post describing the new process that is needed to install custom apps which apparently involves image flashing via flashboot.

After following all of the instructions outlined here in order to create an image to upload onto our Herelink remote unit. However, when using fastboot from the command line to flash the image, the process seems to be indefinitely stuck on “sending”. The process does not automatically kill itself and there are no error messages. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what was the solution?

I am working on a virtual Ubuntu 18.04.5 via VirtualBox on Windows. I would appreciate any help or insight into the issue.


just use fastboot on windows to flash it. assuming you have the valid oem.img.
the likely problem is to do with the usb passthrough to the vm