Herelink remote USB tethering

Hi All,
I’m trying to connect the Herelink remote to MP on a windows laptop.
I noticed that the recent stable release features USB tethering and I prefer it over wifi tethering we’ve been using so far.
Yet - I’m unable to get it to work.
Is USB tethering really enabled and what is the process to get it working.?

Yes it is enabled. Connect Herelink to a laptop via USB. Then in the Herelink settings turn on ‘USB Tethering’. On Mission planner select UDPCl and type in the Herelink IP and port 14552 and Connect.
To see the RTSP video stream, open VLC player and click on ‘Open Network Stream’ and give in the stream link ‘rtsp://’.

It is not plug and play. You need some setup to get it work

Works! :slight_smile:

@FWKSdrone using this same method you can use mavlink inspector in MP to view those messages

Thanks @Michael_Oborne that’s the method I’m currently using.
We’re having issues with our custom built telemetry that suddenly slows way down in mid flight for no apparent reason. Trying to isolate the cause for this, I wanted to verify that the Herelink’s air unit <> remote comms. sees the same issue.
Just to make sure it’s not something that originates in the Herelink’s PC tethering.

when MP is connected as well, try changing the GCS ID.

MP > Config > planner > gcs id

it could be clashing with QGC.