Herelink right joystick triggers no events for high values

Hi all,

I’m looking for some help on using the herelink joysticks on my app.

I’m listening for Generic motion events, and all seems fine, except when the right joystick should be returning above 0.2 or below -0.2, in which case no events are triggered from any joystick (even if I push the left one).

On the herelink settings app, I dont observe this issue and it shows the full range.

Any hints on what causes this or how to solve it?

Thank you

May I know if you are calling those functions?

The only difference is I’m not calling the super function.

My plugin extends only CordovaPlugin (I’m doing this in Ionic Cordova and the plugin in Java), this is my class signature:

public class HerelinkJoysticksPlugin extends CordovaPlugin implements View.OnGenericMotionListener {

Do you know if that’s what could be causing this issue, and how should I change my code to call that?
I’m not quite sure what’s the super class on that context you shared.


I have never used CordovaPlugin so I’m not very sure. Maybe InputManager.InputDeviceListener is missing