HereLink Rover Range


Im building some rovers, and I was wonder if the HL will have 10km with the antennas on the ground, like the rover will have.

Is the same range on the ground and flying?


It depends on the nearby interference and obstacle. There are way more factors to weaken the transmission signal on ground than on sky.
It is pretty sure than ground communication won’t work as good as on sky.

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You are not going to get 10km on the grounds, I have seen tears showing around 1km is possible but again this is massively dependant on the environment.

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We are buidling a Rover for a factory security, to run on the perimeter. What do you recomend to extend the video, telemetry and control range on the ground?


I’m using it on a boat and the video will get a little unstable briefly but control is good. Really do not have a range answer for you except a clear line of site to the vehicle seems to be important.

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You may actually want to look into UAVcast. Herelink is great and you may want to have both options available.

What kind of range do you get with a boat? 100 m? 200 m?

I have been easily 600M away with Herelink. I had a clear line of site though.