Herelink RTSP Low FPS Help!

So I have my RTSP stream setup and working and can receive my live image on the herelink controller that is getting it from the herelink air unit over ethernet, the issue I’m having is low FPS say around 10-15FPS.

Testing the stream on my pc runs fine when previewed with QGC.

My stream is setup for 30FPS 1920x1080
I’ve played around with different gop and bitrate settings keeping the Mb/s less then 3 when trying to use 30FPS but always get lower then 30FPS when trying to stream through the herelink that is simply not usable for the use case.

Side note: RTSP source of stream Ethernet cable is connected to Astro Drone by freefly systems payload connector which is where they said to put it.

Now if I set my stream up so that it outputs 60FPS I can dial in the gop and bitrate setting for perfect smooth FPS. but the issue is that herelink only supports 30FPS streams and not 60 and in addition to this if I restart the drone and herelink controller when I have it working with the 60FPS configuration once everything is back up and running I get a reduced frame rate that looks about like what 15fps or so, what is weird is though while everything in on I can simply reconnect the Ethernet cable going to the air unit and it speeds back up to full I’m guessing 30fps.

I think it has something to do with this:

Herelink supports RTSP streaming with a maximum frame rate of 30FPS at 1080p resolution. It does not support 60FPS RTSP streaming. If you attempt to stream at 60FPS, the Herelink system will automatically downscale the frame rate to 30FPS, resulting in a lower-quality video stream.

I’m also using QGC on herelink since I have not found a way to use AMC app with RTSP

I wanted to also venture to try Solex TX app but it crashes on this herelink controller for some odd reason.

Update, it seem the lag was has something to do with the encoder I’m using ( EXVIST H.265 1080P Mini HDMI Video Encoder), I’ve tried multiple herelink units, I even updated the firmware on the encoder and tried another of the same, I’ve got it working decent with the EXVIST but its by no means smooth like (HaiweiTech H8110 H.264 HDMI to SRT RTMP Encoder ), I guess I may just have to live with it until OEM reaches back to me, as there are not many encoders that are of this low power and profile aimed at being used with drones, I think it has something to do with the packaging of the stream, this EXVIST just works better at 60fps stream output. for whatever reason.

These are the settings I ended up with for the EXVIST encoder, there not as good as some that I tested but overall its better then most of the ones I tried.

This is the encoder I was last testing that has many more settings related to RTSP and works perfectly