Herelink S.BUS without Pixhawk

(Christian Ulrich) #1

Is there a way to use the Herelink with S.BUS without UART telemetry?

It just looks like this …
Herelink is connected to a simple controller via S.BUS.
I do not need telemetry. It is a UGV the current has no cube.
(Pixhawk 2.1 has been ordered for a while … but my dealer has been pretending to be dead for a month.)

I have no data on the S.BUS. I assume that currently no control commands are released because of missing telemetry.
If it is not possible in general I do not have to search for it.

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My bigger question is who is your distributor, and when did you order?

(Christian Ulrich) #3

SYNOSYSTEMS UAV Order date 15.09.2019

  • Here+ V2 RTK GNSS Set
  • pixhawk2.1 Suite aka The Cube

In the shop there are six to eight days delivery time for the products. So far i have written a few mails about it. The next step is cancellation.

The Herelink i have from Premium-Modellbau. That came immediately.

Have ordered everything what seems to me useful for UAV to test it.

(Christian Ulrich) #4

Maybe a bit hard … English is not my native language :wink:


Fair enough, please contact them and ask what the delay is… cc if you want…

(Christian Ulrich) #6

The request is just out again with cc. Now it’s weekend again. I’ll wait another week.
Thank you for your help.

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(Donald Gibson) #7

Also interested in this. With the Herelink controlling the camera/gimbal only via sBus, and C2 via L9R r/x and RFD900+.

In that configuration would it also be possible to use the FC to manage the gimbal under mission planner control? And regain manual gimbal control from the Herelink ?

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(Ian ) #8

Sbus should work totally separately to UART and you should have full output.

Have you calibrated the sticks and are the outputs showing movement ?

(Christian Ulrich) #9

I had tried it with an SBUS-> PWM converter. So first on a FrSky with a R9 receiver. After that worked, I clamped 1 to 1 on the HereLink.
The SBUS converter is a very simple device. That’s why I used it for testing. The device said that it receives no signals.
I had previously done the calibration of the gimbal. The graphic also shows movements.

My suspicion was that there might still be a release in HereLink about UART.
Because the top of the display is written … No connection. So why then send over SBUS signals, etc. So the thought.
Hence the question.

So if that works without UART, I will try again with an other SBUS / FC.
The selection is there … just not the time.