Herelink S.BUS without Pixhawk

Is there a way to use the Herelink with S.BUS without UART telemetry?

It just looks like this …
Herelink is connected to a simple controller via S.BUS.
I do not need telemetry. It is a UGV the current has no cube.
(Pixhawk 2.1 has been ordered for a while … but my dealer has been pretending to be dead for a month.)

I have no data on the S.BUS. I assume that currently no control commands are released because of missing telemetry.
If it is not possible in general I do not have to search for it.

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My bigger question is who is your distributor, and when did you order?

SYNOSYSTEMS UAV Order date 15.09.2019

  • Here+ V2 RTK GNSS Set
  • pixhawk2.1 Suite aka The Cube

In the shop there are six to eight days delivery time for the products. So far i have written a few mails about it. The next step is cancellation.

The Herelink i have from Premium-Modellbau. That came immediately.

Have ordered everything what seems to me useful for UAV to test it.

Maybe a bit hard … English is not my native language :wink:

Fair enough, please contact them and ask what the delay is… cc if you want…

The request is just out again with cc. Now it’s weekend again. I’ll wait another week.
Thank you for your help.

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Also interested in this. With the Herelink controlling the camera/gimbal only via sBus, and C2 via L9R r/x and RFD900+.

In that configuration would it also be possible to use the FC to manage the gimbal under mission planner control? And regain manual gimbal control from the Herelink ?

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Sbus should work totally separately to UART and you should have full output.

Have you calibrated the sticks and are the outputs showing movement ?

I had tried it with an SBUS-> PWM converter. So first on a FrSky with a R9 receiver. After that worked, I clamped 1 to 1 on the HereLink.
The SBUS converter is a very simple device. That’s why I used it for testing. The device said that it receives no signals.
I had previously done the calibration of the gimbal. The graphic also shows movements.

My suspicion was that there might still be a release in HereLink about UART.
Because the top of the display is written … No connection. So why then send over SBUS signals, etc. So the thought.
Hence the question.

So if that works without UART, I will try again with an other SBUS / FC.
The selection is there … just not the time.