Herelink sbus out not working after latest system update

Yesterday, I completed an android system update on the controller. I’m showing
Android Version: 7.1.2
OEM build number: RU01220816
Baseband version: BUMBLEBEE.R03.T44-13ac3dd5b-e040839
Build number: N2G47J test-keys

Additionally, I’m seeing a MissionPlanner app on the device, which uses a virtual mouse controlled by the touch screen. Is this new or has this been here?

Well, to the issue: The joystick channels aren’t getting through to QGroundControl or MissionPlanner on my laptop. No green boxes, no arming when I hold the joystick in the bottom right, etc. Attempting to calibrate the joystick in QGC just provides a message that zero radio channels were found.

I’ve checked the wire and it’s correct. Everything short of plugging up an oscilloscope (which is my next step).

So I thought: Maybe the air unit needs to be updated too. Updating through the app OTA wasn’t going through. The download sometime failed, and when it eventually succeeded, trying to push to the air unit has an ETA of “649 minutes” or longer in some cases…

So I plugged it to the PC through USB and ran the updater. Updated successfully, but still no sbus output.

According to the AIRUNIT tab,
Online Version: AAU01220816
Local Version: AAU01211129

Any advice or tips to get this working?

are you on stable fw, or beta fw?
also what version is installed on your GCS unit?

I believe I’m on the beta fw.
How can I find what version is installed oh the GCS unit?

ok, if your on beta, then the air unit needs an update as well then

I’m getting back to working on this. I attempted the USB update of the Air Unit. Adding the beta flag didn’t work. It looks like the requested URL is a 404.

Attempting to do the OTA update, I see
Online Version: AAU01220816
Local Version: AAU01211129

‘Download Air Firmware’ works correctly.
‘Transfer to Airunit’ Is stuck at 0% 0/100, ETA: 233 minutes

What can I do to get my Airunit the same version as the ground unit?

I am going through the same situation.

Even if it works, download- transfer- update
the version still does not change.

Also, the sbus channel does not work.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. Are you on beta?

yes, my herelink is on beta.

also, “flasher.exe beta” downloads 01211129.
it seems that the link of AAU01220816 is not set properly.

I’m sad that I can’t use herelink in this situation.

Tried again today, and this is still not working. I’m not sure what else I can do at this point. A full factory reset of both the air unit and the gcs?

please factory reset the air unit.

if your on beta, please use

“flasher_win.exe beta”

I’m also attempting this and ran “flasher_win beta”

It says “failed to download package”

this is now fixed… as per facebook