Herelink Shut Down Problem

I am using 4 herelink units on 4 different drones. One of the Herelink controller shut downs on the flight in 5-15 minutes, when i charge and use controller (just for desktop test) it goes around 1 hour and shut down, when i just turn on the controller without powering air unit, it does not shut down.

What can be the problem?

I will change the controller but the air unit is not on an easy accessible location, is there a way to bind another controller without pressing the air unit button.

Sounds like a battery issue tbh.

How old is it ?

It is not that old, 3-4 months may be.

I’d return it for repair as it’s not right.

hi, we have several herelinks for our drones, and facing shut down issues repeatedly. how can we determine if it is battery issue or any other system issue

faced same issue for different rc, how can it be determined with help of bug reports.

your kind assistance requested, @MadRC, @Michael_Oborne @herelinkuser42 @philip @rmackay9

please provide more details about when, how you are using it, temperature etc. standings in full sun?

we have been using it in temperature ranging 45-50, and in sunlight but avoiding direct sunlight exposure through shadows available.


  1. does not shut down when no telemtry or video (even at temperature well above 50)
  2. shuts down while receives telem and video at temp (say 50deg)
  3. shuts down at further lower temp (say 47deg) while connected to an other herelink via hotspot and both telem & video available at both RCs

there is a hard shutdown on battery temperature, this is for saftey reasons. and i would guess you are hitting it. please try add active airflow over the unit.

also where are you measuring this temperature?

we have placed battery outside the unit then we have achieve this improved temperature range. otherwise it shuts down even at relatively lower temp. (say 43-44)

also how can we establish that it is bcz of battery.

our user had reported this issue of shutting down. so we are conducting the tests in temperature chamber.

At 50 deg with battery inside herelink unit it shuts down after 30-40 min… with telemtry, video and also both transmitting over hotspot too.

While, when the battery is placed out of unit it performs better, shut down 1 out 5 time.